direct ship: order and transfers management basics

If you choose the Direct Ship selling model then you will need to understand how to manage orders. Here we go over the basics.

March, 14, 2023

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to ship your items, Direct Ship could be the ideal selling model for you. This innovative operations model is perfect for sellers who need to get their items out the door quickly and with minimal effort. With Direct Ship, you can pack and label your items, then hand them over to noon for speedy shipping. In this article we go over the basics to help you better understand processes.

How does it work?

Our user-friendly app, which is compatible with Android phones and tablets, makes processing Direct Ship orders a breeze.

With our app, you’ll be able to scan package barcodes with ease, take clear pictures for quality assurance, and track your orders in real-time. You’ll be able to access fulfillment reports directly from the app and see how your orders are progressing.

In this article we will go over the following:

Ready? Let's go!

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Getting set up

Order noon packaging

To pack your orders, you will need noon-approved packing materials. To avoid delays in shipping orders to customers, order these at least a week before you begin selling items.

To order, simply log into your seller lab portal, noon Partners, and click 'fulfillment' followed by 'packing materials'.

Register app users

If more than one person will be using the Direct Ship app, you must add their profiles. To do so, go to the seller lab interface, noon Partners, and select warehouse, then users. Input the required details and click Add User.

Tip: You can edit or deactivate users by click the three dots by the profile

Get the app

Download the Direct Ship fulfilment app and install it on your devices. This app is currently only available on Android smart phones and tablets.

You can sign into the app using email, WhatsApp, SMS, or QR code.

Tip: If you receive a large number of orders, let us know and we'll activate the option to fulfil via Picklist for you. Otherwise, you can start processing all pending orders on your app.

Order management options

There are two different options available for order management:

  1. If your orders are less than 100 then it is recommended you accept orders using the Direct Ship option.
  2. If your orders are above 100 you have the option to activate a picklist, and then accept orders using the Direct Ship option.

Fulfilling orders using

Direct Ship

Choose the warehouse ID you would like to fulfill from.

Tap Direct Ship to begin the process.

Add the number of orders you can fulfil to your current capacity.

Choose urgent as the shipment type. To begin, click the start button.

Begin processing your orders in two parts:

  • Items view - here you can process bulky items.
  • Order view - this is where you can process both sort and non-sort items.


Any jobs you start will remain active for two hours. If the job takes longer to fulfill then this job will move to pending orders.

Items should be manifested and handed over on the same day or the next day's collection.

Fulfilling orders using

Direct Ship picklist

First, you will need to activate FBP picklist.

If your order total exceeds 100, you can request Direct Ship picklist activation by emailing the seller support team at seller@noon.com.

Once activated, you will need to create the configuration.

Click warehouse and then FBP picklist. Here, you will need to select which warehouse you will fulfill from the dropdown in the top right corner.

After this click Create Config at the top, and then select your strategy from the dropdown menu.

Picklist config - scheduled strategy

A scheduled strategy can be defined in Picklist Config. Picklists will be created automatically on a daily basis based on the times you specify here.

  1. Set the schedule time: This is when the picklists should be generated (one of more). Note - timings are always UTC.
  2. Choose the size limit: This sets the maximum capacity of a single picklist.
  3. Select lane capacity limit: This is the maximum capacity of a warehouse lane. If the sum of pending items in existing picklists exceeds the lane capacity, a new picklist will not be created.
  4. Once done, click Update to set.

Picklist config - periodic strategy

A periodic strategy means that picklists will be created automatically every X minutes (depending on the number of minutes you set).

  1. Set the picklist period (minutes): Specify a periodic (X minutes) time interval.
  2. Choose the size limit: This sets the maximum capacity of a single picklist.
  3. Select lane capacity limit: This is the maximum capacity of a warehouse lane. If the sum of pending items in existing picklists exceeds the lane capacity, a new picklist will not be created.
  4. Once done, click update to set.

How to view a picklist on seller lab & the app

noon Partners (previously known as Seller Lab)
  1. First click Warehouse then FBP picklists.
  2. Here you will need to choose the picklist number you wish to view. Just click and the correct picklist will be visible.

Tip: You can also download picklists from here! Just tap download on the top right corner.


Tap Direct Ship (from picklists). This will show you a list of auto-genereted picklists.

Select the correct picklist from the list.

Select the capacity (how many orders the current user can fulfil) and hit start.

Product dimensions

Understanding the correct size and shape of items is critical to managing order fulfilment smoothly.

Sort items

Any products with side measurements below 30 cm and weight below 25kg.

Non-sort items

Any products with side measurements greater than 30cm, and/or weight below 25kg.

Bulky items

Any products with side measurements 120 x 50 x 50cm or weight greater than 25kg.

Not-so basic info covered!

Okay, you should now know the basics of Direct Ship. Next up...

In Direct Ship: How to generate manifest and order handover, we'll share steps to make navigating the final stages of the process simple.

In Direct Ship: How to use the fulfilment app, we go over the app's technical features, such as how to scan a serial number, take quality assurance photos to ensure order accuracy, mark an order as pending, and mark items as out of stock/lost.

learn more

Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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