new sellers: next steps

We will assist you in growing your business and will provide you with the necessary support and tools to get you started.

Seller Requirements

  • Locally owned businesses. 
  • Non-locals with an active local partner or a business owned or managed by a non-local family member with a local husband/wife are exempt.
  • SME or SMB with annual revenue less than 400,000 AED.
  • Active trade license with any sort of "trade" stated on the documents—services do not qualify.
  • An active personal or commercial bank account.

Required Documents

  • Emirates ID – both sides.
  • A valid trade license.
  • Certified bank details.
  • VAT certificate or non-VAT declaration .

Registration Steps

  • Check that you are using a noon-registered email address.
  • To begin the application process, go to
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Once completed, contact your Relationship Manager to let them know.

mahali seller journey

Phase One
Partner Onboarding
  • Attend a Mahali awareness session.
  • Have an enrollment call with your Relationship Manager.
  • Register on noon as a seller.
  • Attend onboarding training.
Phase two
Prepare to sell on noon
  • Learn about how to list products listing and inbounding*.
  • Get your products live on noon.
  • Get ready to process orders.
phase three
Growing with noon
  • Business review meetings.
  • After sales training and development.

*When it comes to listing your products, your Relationship Manager will walk you through the price and content procedures if necessary.

We also offer our Mahali partners a free-of-charge product photoshoots.

existing sellers: selling guides

Here are some guides to help you continue to grow with us.

Adding Products


training sessions

mahali sellers

Mahali KSASeller spotlights
Mahali UAESeller spotlights

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