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frequently asked questions

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what does it mean to sell on noon?

noon.com is the region's leading online shopping destination, created to serve and support businesses in the Middle East. Sellers with businesses of any size are welcome to use noon as their digital platform to expand their business online.

what can I sell on noon?

We have many categories of businesses on noon, offering customers a wide range of products to suit their needs.

Find a full list of noon product categories here.

how do I open a noon seller account?

It’s easy! First you must have a valid trading license and a noon account. Then you will need to create a seller store and upload the requested documents.

Sign-up to create a noon seller store here.

Find out more about documents you need to create a seller store here.

Once you have submitted all of the required documents and received approval, your store will be live within days.

I’m registered as a noon seller - what’s next?

Check out our noon Seller Lab YouTube channel for step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through the entire process.

You will also need to add your warehouse location to your store and start listing products. Find out how to list your products here.

how much does it cost to sell my products on noon?

The breakdown of fees and commissions applies per item, and the rates differ according to the selling model you’ll be using to sell your products on noon; either fulfilled by noon (FBN), or fulfilled by partner (FBP).

Learn more about fees here.

how do I get paid?

Once you start selling on noon, we will automatically transfer your sales to your bank account on a weekly basis. You will receive a payments statement for each transaction which you can find in your seller account.

Every Thursday the bank processes all payments, you should receive payment in your bank account within 2-3 business days. You will also receive a bank transaction ID and a detailed statement with each payment.

Learn more about setting up your payments here.

when will I start getting charged the monthly seller commission fees?

As soon as you make your first sale!

what are noon’s selling models?

The method with which you choose to stock, sell and ship your products with noon. At noon we have either fulfilled by noon (FBN), also known as noon Express, and fulfilled by partner (FBP) which includes direct ship and direct delivery.

FBN is noon’s dedicated end-to-end support selling model, preferred by sellers and customers alike. Learn more about noon’s selling models here.

how do I manage my noon seller account?

As a registered and verified noon seller, you will have access to our in-house interface called Seller Lab which helps you sell your products and manage your store on noon. Click on the following link to access your Seller Lab: www.partners.noon.com

Learn more about Seller Lab here

Learn more about stock management and transfers here.

how will I know when I have got a sale?

It depends on your selling model. If you are using fulfilled by partner (FBP), cross-dock, direct ship, or direct delivery, you will be notified via email whenever you receive a new order. All orders pending your approval will appear in the Stock Requests tab of your seller lab dashboard.

Sellers using our fulfilled by noon (FBN) selling model don’t need to worry about this. noon will manage your orders, inventory, return, and customer queries on your behalf.

FBN sellers can follow your sales directly on the Sales tab of their seller lab dashboard.

can I sell my products in other noon markets?

Sellers will need to sell within the region they are based.

can I sell my products on NowNow?

You can register your partnership by visiting this link.

how much does it cost to ship the products I sell on noon?

noon’s selling models include shipping fees so the amount depends on the selling model you have chosen.

Learn more about fees here.

how do I add my inventory on noon?

In order to start selling you will need to add inventory to your seller store. Listing products on noon is straightforward, you need the basics - great images, a description, specifications, and product IDs. Learn more about listing your products here.

how do I transfer my products to noon warehouse locations?

Before you hand over your products to our team they will need to be properly packed. Once you have done this, you can book a slot to drop them off at your nearest noon warehouse location (find out how to add a warehouse here).

Learn more about our packing guidelines here.

what about product returns and cancellations?

Sometimes customers decide they no longer need or want the item they have purchased. We have clear guidelines in place to protect both our customers and sellers rights. 

Learn more about product return and cancellations here.

how can I boost my sales on noon?

As the region’s leading digital marketplace, noon has incredible reach and impact for local sellers. To support this there are many marketing options available to sellers wishing to boost their sales on noon. Find out how to track and boost your sales here

how do I calculate the volumetric weight of my items?

Volumetric weight refers to the overall size of a package (measured in volumetric kilograms). Sellers will need to use this to properly calculate prices and margins for products sold on noon. Here's an easy guide to help you make this calculation.

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