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what does it mean to sell on noon?

noon.com is the region's leading online shopping destination, created to serve and support businesses in the Middle East. Sellers with businesses of any size are welcome to use noon as their digital platform to expand their business online.

what can I sell on noon?

We have many categories of businesses on noon, offering customers a wide range of products to suit their needs.

Find a full list of noon product categories here.

how do I open a noon seller account?

It’s easy! First you must have a valid business registration license, email ID, and phone number to register yourself on noon.

Find out more about documents you need to create a seller store here. 

Once you have the documents handy, start your seller onboarding journey by clicking here

To know more about the onboarding process click here

I’m registered as a noon seller - what’s next?

Start your selling journey by listing your products on our platform. Listing products on noon is straightforward, you need the basics - great images, a description, specifications, and product IDs. Learn more about listing your products here.

Choose your business model - Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) or Fulfilled by Noon (FBN) to sell your products on noon.

To know more about FBP model, click here

To know more about FBN model, click here

how much does it cost to sell my products on noon?

The breakdown of fees and commissions differ according to the selling model you’ll be using to sell your products on noon; either fulfilled by noon (FBN), or fulfilled by partner (FBP).

Learn more about FBP fees here for UAE, KSA and Egypt.

Learn more about FBN fees here for UAE, KSA and Egypt.

how do I get paid?

First you need to add the company  bank details to your legal entity. Personal bank details will not be accepted. To know more about it, click here.

Once you start selling on noon, we will automatically transfer your sales proceeds to your bank account on a weekly basis. You will receive a payments statement for each transaction which you can find in your seller account.

Every Thursday the bank processes all payments, you should receive payment in your bank account within 2-3 business days. You will also receive a bank transaction ID and a detailed statement with each payment.

Learn more about your payments here.

what are noon’s selling models?

The method with which you choose to stock, sell and ship your products with noon. At noon we have either fulfilled by noon (FBN), also known as noon Express, and fulfilled by partner (FBP) which includes direct ship and direct delivery.

FBN is noon’s dedicated end-to-end support selling model, preferred by sellers and customers alike

To know more about FBP model, click here.

To know more about FBN model, click here.

how do I manage my noon seller account?

As a registered and verified noon seller, you will have access to our in-house portal called Seller Lab which helps you sell your products and manage your store on noon.

Click on the following link to access your Seller Lab: https://login.noon.partners

can I sell my products in other noon markets?

noon currently operates in KSA, UAE, Egypt. If you would like to sell your products in a country other than the one where your business is registered, you can follow the process as listed here.

can I sell my products on other noon platforms?

‘Rocket’ & ‘noon minutes’ are restricted and invite only models. noon will invite and reach out to the eligible sellers when applicable.

For other businesses such as noon food, nownow stores and namshi, sellers need to register separately.

how do I add my inventory on noon?

In order to start selling you will need to create your product catalog and add inventory to your seller store. 

To add inventory under Fulfilled by noon (FBN) business model, you need to create ASN and send the stocks to the relevant noon warehouses. To know more about ASN creation process, please click here

For adding inventory under Fulfilled by Partner (FBP) business model, you need to first create your FBP WH and then add inventory against each listing. To know more about FBP Warehouse creation process, please click here.

To know more about updating stock for FBP, please click here.

how do I transfer my products to noon warehouse locations?

To transfer inventory under Fulfilled by noon (FBN) business model, you need to create ASN and send the stocks to the relevant noon warehouses. To know more about ASN creation process, please click here.

Before you hand over your products to our team make sure they are properly packed. Learn more about our packing guidelines here.

what about product returns?

noon offers a no-questions asked return policy to the customers.

To know more about our customer return policies, click here.

how can I boost my sales on noon?

noon offers an array of tools on Seller Lab for sellers looking to market their products to boost their sales on noon.

Click here to learn about these tools. You can also visit the noon ads website to know more.

What are the TnCs, policies & procedures of selling on noon?

The detailed seller terms and conditions can be referred here for UAE, KSA and EGY.

Refer to noon program and operational policies here.

How do I contact noon for support?

To reach noon’s dedicated seller support team, use the following contact details based on your location:

UAE: seller@noon.com / 80036006

KSA: seller@noon.com/ 8001160211

EGY: seller@noon.com 

Additionally, when you become a seller on Noon, you can log in to the Seller Lab and book training sessions according to your country:

UAE: https://training.noon.partners/en-ae/

KSA: https://training.noon.partners/en-sa/

EGY: https://training.noon.partners/en-eg/

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