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food delivery platform

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The Middle East's local food delivery platform

Want to reach millions of customers fast? Sign up now and we'll get back to you

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We have crafted a food delivery service that puts restaurants first.

Instant access to noon’s

millions of customers

Attractive & fair

commission structure 

Finest delivery &

customer experience

customer journey with

Customers enjoy a seamless ordering experience, helping to drive transactions for restaurants

Commercial Proposition

We always aim to be fair and transparent with all our restaurant partners. We want to provide a sustainable program for our partners, while simultaneously supporting our delivery fleet. Our fees consist of a 21% commission, which includes fees for both marketplace and delivery, plus a 2% fee for handling payments, bringing it to a total of 23%

Additionally, we also have preferred commercials for our noon VIP+ partner restaurants.

Access more areas

Reach more noon customers


noon One is designed to make restaurants even more attractive to our most loyal customers

Increase in restaurant menu opens

Increase in traffic

Increase in orders

Increased visibility for

partner brands

Our brand-new noon One loyalty program is available to partners who want to improve their standing and pay less in fees.

preferred commercials for noon One restaurant partners

Lower commission on noon One orders

Commission remains 17% for these orders

Co-funded free delivery to loyal customers

restaurant invests


noon invests


Activation and renewal fees will stay at zero for noon One partners.

Self-pickup is now available

your customers will now have the option to order food on the noon Food app like they are used to, with the added flexibility of going and picking it up themselves.

What's in it for your restaurant?

no fees. more sales

Zero commission fees

No queues

Pre-paid orders

2% payment fees apply to all card transactions

This service will be enabled for all eligible* restaurant partners.

If you wish to opt-out of the service, please reach out to

Eligible restaurants* All restaurant partners who have a dine-in or take-away facility. Self-pick will not be enabled for cloud kitchen partners.





At noon Food, we understand that fostering successful partnerships requires a two-way street of excellent service and support. We are passionate about connecting local businesses with local customers and believe in creating a balanced relationship that works for the restaurant, the customer, and the community.

Our goal is to drive the food and beverage delivery industry forward through convenient technology and fair pricing. We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our services in a friendly and welcoming environment.

noon Food storiesRavi Restaurant
noon Food storiesRashid Ali Cafeteria

see what our partners say

“I am thankful to noon Food delivery for helping us spread our food across the UAE. I look forward to our future working together. It makes me happy to know that we will grow with one another."

Chaudary Abdul Hameed, Founder

Ravi Restaurant, UAE

"noon Food is a stronger business than their competitors, they understand the people well. It's great that noon Food is now in Abu Dhabi and now, I'm with noon."

Rashid Ali Cafeteria, UAE

Become a noon Food partner today

We believe this new fee structure will help us continue providing high-quality food and services for years to come.





Frequently asked questions

What is noon Food?

noon Food is a new food delivery marketplace housed within the noon app. Our mission is to grow the Food and beverage delivery sector via accessible technology and fair pricing. Championing local businesses from the region for the region, we consider both the restaurants and the customers. Everyone has a seat at the noon Food table.

Registering on noon Food

How can I register on noon Food?

Registering on noon Food is quick and easy.

Step 1

Submit all the required registration documents here

Step 2

We'll review your application and validate your documents. Your account will be activated within 48-hours from the submission of all your documents

What are the required registration documents?

Trading license or commercial registration

VAT certificate or, if your restaurant isn't VAT-registered, a non-VAT registration declaration. statement on a company letterhead

Verified bank document in the form of a cancelled check or a bank statement.

Please note that the bank statement or cancelled check should mention the legal entity name of the registered entity.

Provide the bank information listed below on signed and stamped company letterhead so that we can transfer your payments:

The company's legal name

Bank account number


Swift code

Bank branch

Store currency (once chosen, it won't be possible to change it in the future)

A cancelled check, or a bank letter that mentions the company's legal name, the bank account number, and IBAN

Do I need to be VAT-registered to be listed on the platform?

Don't worry, you can be a noon Food partner without being VAT-registered. You just need to submit a non-VAT declaration on company letterhead along with your registration.

Can I sign up multiple brands under one account?

Yes, if they have the same bank account and registered email ID.

How long will it take for my noon Food account to be activated?

Your account will be activated within 48-hours after you've submitted all the required documents here.

How does it work?

What is noon Food's fee structure?

Our fee structure is fair, transparent, sustainable, and the lowest in the region. This is how it's broken down

Delivery service fee

Payment Handling Fee

Marketplace service fee

Marketplace Service Fee: 10% of total order value

Delivery Service Fee: 11% of total order value

Payment Handling Fee: 2% of total order value

Total: 23%

Will noon Food deliver my orders?

Our riders will deliver your orders to customers swiftly and seamlessly.

Do I get to choose which areas I can deliver to?

We're here to help you deliver your Food to the maximum number of customers. Our delivery team will make sure we deliver your dishes to customers in all areas that we cover.

What can I do if the noon Food rider is late to pick up an order?

Don't worry; our team keeps track of all orders. However, if there has been a substantial delay in your pick-up, you can reach us through the restaurant support hotline available to you.

Can I reroute different orders to different branches of a restaurant?

Unfortunately, that won't be possible.

Restaurant and Order Management Applications

Can I add new items to my menu after my account has been activated?

Absolutely, you can upload items on noon Food at any time. We'll quickly approve them and take them live so that the customers can start enjoying your delicious Food.

What opening hours do I have to follow while my restaurant is listed on noon Food?

This is up to you as long as it's within noon Food operating hours (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). You have the freedom to choose what your restaurant's opening hours are.

What do I do if an item is out of stock?

Our customers trust that the dishes that are listed on your restaurant page are in stock and available. It's very important to effectively manage your stock on the noon Food app to avoid cancelling customers' orders and failing at keeping our promise to them. If you're not able to prepare an item, you can quickly mark it as “out of stock” on the noon Food app. If you wish to cancel an order that you've already accepted, you'll be able to reach out to us over phone and our team will take care of the rest. Order cancellation fees will apply if you cancel the order after accepting it.

Can I set prep times for my items?

Yes, you can set your prep times on the noon Food Restaurant Management app.

Can I use my own packaging?

Yes, you can use your own packaging for your orders.

Can I contact my customers directly?

Yes, you'll have access to the customer's details, and you can call them directly.


How will I receive my payments?

Your payments will be directly transferred to your bank account. You'll be given a bank transaction ID to track each payment.

What is the payment cycle?

The payments for all your delivered orders will be transferred to your bank account every two weeks.

Will I have to issue my own invoices to the customers?

Yes, you should always attach an invoice to the packaged order before handing it over to the noon Food rider so the customer can clearly see the receipt.

Will customers be able to pay for orders in cash?

Yes, customers can choose between prepaid and cash-on-delivery payment options.


How can I contact noon Food Restaurant Support?

For all questions, you can reach out to us via email at