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Mahali is a program powered by noon that helps local entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing noon expertise and a platform to sell their brands or products online.

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Our Promise

We aspire to become your biggest supporter and champion. To help you in growing your business and reaching your goals. We hope that your business will thrive and that you will be able to contribute to the development of a vibrant local community.

It is one of our founding goals of to support regional entrepreneurs and build a thriving e-commerce ecosystem to gives all enterprises, no matter their size, a level playing field and chance to compete better in their own market.

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a message from our founder, mohamed alabbar

We are committed to broadening the horizons of opportunity for our young entrepreneurs. We believe in developing the skills of the SME sector, which accounts for 95 percent of our businesses and employs hundreds of thousands. We believe in redefining industry norms, and through our platform, we invite customers to enjoy the joy of shopping while supporting our local talent. Our people are talented and ambitious, deserving of recognition and capable of extraordinary feats.

It is time to celebrate the pride that comes from purchasing and supporting products made in this region.

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