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Who can become a mahali seller?

Owners of SMEs or individual sellers who have an e-commerce/e-trader license.
Micro-businesses that produce local goods or entrepreneurs who distribute both local and non-local goods.
Your company, either a small or medium-sized business, must be owned and managed by Saudi or Emirati nationals.

Why choose us?

We will assist you in growing your business and will provide you with the necessary support and tools to get you started.


  • Weekly payment processing
  • Financial reconciliation and account management support
  • Access to noon's best in class, in-house production capabilities
  • 30 days introductory commission free offer
  • Turnover based discounts


  • Dedicated Mahali landing page and sale days on
  • Dedicated slots on noon's social media channels to drive awareness
  • Influencer-led marketing support to drive sales and create brand awareness
  • Support with content writing, creation and translation services
  • Support with sales analytics and pricing strategies

Education and Mentorship Support

  • Customized courses and a 6-month mentoring program designed in collaboration with noon in-house experts
  • Comprehensive business plan with detailed goals and a strategy for achieving them. Monthly progress reports
  • Access to relevant functional leaders for assistance with specific business-related issues, such as business strategy, profit and loss management, product positioning, pricing strategy, or marketing assistance
  • 90-minute e-commerce onboarding and seller toolkit training

Personalized Customer Support

  • Dedicated support hotline and e-mail to help you with your queries
  • Dedicated customer support for Mahali customers
  • Access to our expert network to help you with specific business related dilemmas

Frequently asked questions

What if I have more than one trade license?

You can use a single trade license to manage many stock kinds by having separate warehouses. And this is the most convenient and preferable method. Or you can choose to have two separate seller accounts, but this will need you to maintain two separate accounts and two separate sources for reconciliation.

What if I am not Saudi or Emirati?

An exemption is provided if the business is owned by an Emirati or Saudi but managed by a non-local family member (wife). They are accepted because it is ultimately within the family.

Or you can join noon as a regular seller!

How often can I send stock to noon? What if my product has a short shelf life or expires quickly?

You can arrange for your goods to be sent as frequently as needed. As you handle logistics, you must communicate the storage conditions and frequency (noon allows for variable storage conditions - we sell a wide range of products.) For example, beauty products are kept at low temperatures, and even during summer (they are kept cool to keep them good condition).

Is there a price limit on products that can be sold on noon?

There is no limit to pricing, we even sell jewelry from Dubai Mall stores that is over 100,000 AED. However, expensive products should be fulfilled by partner, as we do not have adequate insurance in our customer fulfillment centers.

Who is responsible for packaging and sanitizing products in accordance with new policies?

When things leave the seller's warehouse, they must be sanitized. Before packing and shipping, we clean our premises.

With Fulfilled by noon (FBN), how does product transfer happen between sellers and noon?

The seller creates an ASN (Advance Ship Notice) and chooses a slot on the seller lab. The ASN is accepted, and the seller then delivers to the noon facility. This is also taught in Seller Lab training.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of SKUs or Units/SKU?

We want our customers to have access to the most extensive catalog possible. As a result, there is no restriction on the number of SKUs. When we inbound a SKU into a customer fulfillment center, it is verified. As a result, it advised to have at least 10 units/SKUs for increased warehouse productivity. Mahali sellers can have a minimum of 5 units/SKU. The greater the depth per SKU, the easier it is for us to operate. Important: nonmoving stock is subject to monthly storage fees.

Can I use my personal bank account?

Yes if: 

  • The establishment must be a sole trader company.
  • The owner of the trade license and the name on the bank account are the same.
  • You are Emirati or a GCC National.

Please keep in mind that if the bank raises issues with any seller payments, we will delay payments for that seller until a resolution is reached.

Can we onboard partners with non-selling trade licenses (such as advertisement)?

Sadly this cannot be done. We can recommend sellers wait until they have the correct license and join the next wave of sellers.

If you have any more seller support questions, please contact us at, and our dedicated seller support team will get back to you!

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