Yellow Friday: all you need to know

noon's flagship sales event, and the region's craziest sale of the year is almost here. Get tips, tricks, and guidance on reaching more customers than ever before.

November 2, 2022

Yellow Friday, noon's craziest sale of the year, and the region's leading sales event, is almost here.

Expect a massive product showcasing throughout the week-long event, backed by a network of thousands of highly engaged sellers from across the region ready to delight and excite millions of customers.

To make this a success, we need you.

When is Yellow Friday?

Running from midnight on November 20th until midnight on November 27th, the week will be jam-packed with a series of special sales, discounts, and opportunities to get involved.

This is a once-a-year opportunity to get your products in front of millions of shoppers looking for big savings during the Middle East's largest event of its kind. Sellers must plan and prepare thoroughly in order to participate. Uploading deals, monitoring stock levels, tracking sales, and much more.

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Last year's craziness

Hear from our sellers

preparing for Yellow Friday

With so many promotions planned across all categories, now is an excellent time to give your brand a significant boost. Enroll your deals and offers in advance to ensure you are ready for the Middle East's biggest sale event at noon. 

Here are some success tips to get you started:

Keep your stock and offers in check.

As a seller, you're in charge of managing your offers. Make sure to update your prices, stock levels, and more accordingly.

Stuck? Read more about managing your offers here.

Tidy up your content.

Double check your product images, descriptions, and catalog - this can affect your customers' willingness to buy from your store.

By following our catalog tips, you'll avoid frequent errors that cause approval delays and more.

Get involved in deals & promotions.

Learn more about uploading deals and enrolling your products in our sales events, to help increase your sales.

Watch our tutorial on using our deals platform.

Ace your packaging (and order ahead!).

If you're an FBP seller, you'll need to pick and pack your own products using noon's packaging. Simply click the link in your seller lab account to place your noon packaging order, and we'll send it to your location.

Watch our packaging guidelines video here.

Master your returns!

Experiencing a dispute with your shipment? Find out what to do when your items are returned by a customer for a refund or replacement here.

If you're feeling stuck, simply click on a topic you want to learn more about below.

success tutorials

Built with our sellers in mind, our suite of articles, tutorials, and video resources

contain everything you need to help you boost your success metrics this Yellow Friday.

Follow our tailored tutorials to ensure you're fully prepped.

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Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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