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July, 14, 2022

Selling on noon can be a great way to increase the visibility, growth, and success of your brand. With millions of customers shopping on noon in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt every day, it’s important to understand how to make your seller profile stand out as much as possible in order to attract more customers. 

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Branding is more than just logos, images, and the name of your company. It is, however, an excellent place to start laying the groundwork for your brand.

Customers will be more likely to trust you as a noon seller if they see a strong, cohesive seller profile. The goal of a seller's profile logo/banner is to convey your brand personality, and having a recognizable logo and banner will do wonders for increasing your seller profile's visibility, as well as boosting customer trust and return rates.

Follow these content guidelines to expand your customer reach:

  • Header images should reflect your brand’s identity, and contain no promotional content.
  • Always upload images that are well-cropped and high-resolution.
  • Header images should be in the correct language, with proper spelling and grammar.

Any image you upload must have the proper copyright or trademark rights.

Ready to post your headers and logos? Keep the following in mind:

  • All uploaded images will be manually moderated to ensure that the content is in accordance with noon’s guidelines (please allow between 24 to 48 hours for approval).
  • Only content that has been approved is visible on a seller’s profile.
  • The approval status is displayed below the image uploader. If an image is rejected, you’ll be alerted to the reason.


For manual verification, email For more guidance, check out our seller help center article on the subject here.

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Increased customer retention through seller reviews and ratings. Seller reviews reflect the level of service that a seller provides to our customers. They are displayed on noon alongside all of the products you sell.

Maintaining high seller review scores reflects your excellent performance, helps customers trust your service and products, and, as a result, boosts your sales.

Your seller's review rating is displayed on the right side of the page on noon, right under your seller profile name and includes the star rating bar, rating average, and the total number of submitted customer ratings.

Here’s how your seller rating is calculated:

  • When a customer receives your product, they will be able to rate it from 1 to 5 stars on your seller profile, based on how pleased they are with the order experience. 
  • Your overall rating is calculated based on the average rating of all customers who rated you. This score will be updated on a daily basis. 
  • Customers can also submit written feedback related to their shopping experience. 

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Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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