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Engage with more customers and increase your sales by offering coupon deals for your products. In this article, our product team details exactly how.

November, 7, 2022

Offering shoppers coupons on your products is a great way to attract more customers and increase your sales in a short period of time.

How does it work?

Simply go to the Promotions tab on Seller Lab and select Coupons. You will be able to choose from various coupon types here, and in three easy steps, your products will be displayed with coupons during the associated time period:

Set your products to Active in your catalog.

Select a coupon event from the Coupons tab, and add your products to it.

Add your pre-coupon price, and coupon budget to the participating products.

Seller funded coupons are open to all sellers, so you don't have to worry about any extra criteria in this case.

Wondering how to add your products to coupons? We've outlined the steps below.

Suman Ansari

Product Management, Seller Platform




How do I add products to coupons one at a time?

Getting started

On the Seller Lab dashboard, click the Promotions tab, and select Coupons. Select the coupon you'd like to participate in from the All Coupons landing page. Once you're happy, click Opt-In For Coupon.

Adding products

Add products (SKUs) by selecting or searching for them from the live assortment list provided. Once selected, Partner SKUs will be moved to the right for you to confirm and Submit.

And that's the first part done! Now you're ready for the next step - entering your coupon price.

How can I add products to coupons in bulk?

To add your products in bulk, you'll need to use our custom codes.

You can import your products to coupons in bulk through the Imports tab.

You'll need to input all the SKUs you want to add to a specific promotion to one single excel sheet using the table format (and cheat sheet!) above.

Getting started

Under Coupons, select Imports, then select New Import.

Importing products in bulk

Next, upload your Excel file you created (or simply paste the contents), and click Submit.

Review process

Read through the Terms and Conditions, and click Agree and Submit. Your products will then be reviewed by the quality team to ensure that all information is correct before going live with the coupon.







How do I update the products I enrolled in campaigns?

Regularly updating the products you've enrolled into coupon campaigns is important, and can easily be done.

Campaign overview

Go to Coupons, then Summary. Here you'll be able to see all the coupon campaigns you're enrolled in.

This includes a quick glance at your assortment summary, and the coupon budget. Click View Campaign to get an overview.

Coupon budget

On the Coupon Campaign page (shown below), you're able to see information about any changes in your coupon budget and SKUs. You can update your coupon budget using the Edit button.

Updating your coupon budget

To update your coupon budget, click Edit and input the new amount.

That's it! You're now ready to head over to Seller Lab and increase your success through seller funded coupons.

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