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On noon, Product Listing Ads (PLA) allow sellers to bid for their offer to appear first in search results for millions of shoppers.

October 18, 2022

Sellers can use Product Listing Ads (PLA) to bid for their offer to appear first in search results for millions of shoppers on

The PLA feature will significantly increase noon's seller growth potential, allowing them to reach more customers than ever before.

Increase your sales

In this video, we demonstrate how to use the tool and go over key points such as advanced data analytics and how to gain complete control over your campaign budget and timelines. The video is divided into topics; simply scroll down the YouTube description to the relevant chapter to learn more about that particular topic. Or you can check out our write-up below.

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How can you access PLA?

Sellers can control the visibility of their products when shoppers search for them on noon. PLA boosts products, resulting in more eyeballs on those products and more sales for sellers. The PLA tool is housed within noon's Seller Lab portal, making it accessible to all registered sellers on noon.

How does it work?

Sellers simply select the SKUs/products they would like to promote and the keywords they would like to bid on then the duration of their campaign.

PLA enables sellers to bid on keywords related to their products or product categories. Winning bidders' ads are then displayed on the third, fourth, or fifth slots on (desktop and mobile web), as well as the second and third slots on the noon app.

If there have been lots of bids for that product, you will have to bid higher to win the slot because the competition for those slots will be greater.


There is no maximum limit on the amount you can bid on a slot. Use the guide to help you. noon's suggested bids are based on real time data.

Creating a campaign

As explained previously, the PLA tool can be found within the noon Seller Lab portal. Log in to your account and then, on the left hand column, click Ad Lab.

Click Ad Lab

Click Create Campaign

Create Campaign

To start a new campaign, click Create Campaign on the right side. Input the name of your campaign, the start and end date/time for this campaign (which can begin now or at any time in the future), and finally the daily budget.

Keep in mind that the longer your campaign runs, the better it is likely to be. Because you could be outbid at any time, you'll need to keep checking and raising your bid to win. If your campaign is only set to run for 1-3 days, you won't have much time to experiment with bids. As a result, we recommend that you create longer campaigns and monitor their progress on a regular basis.

Any PLA campaign you start must include a daily budget. A daily budget determines how many times you will allow customers to click on your product, increasing its visibility. Once the daily budget runs out, your ad will expire until the following day when your daily budget will automatically renew.

Select the currency for the amount, then enter your daily budget figure. The amount you can bid per keyword is 0.1 AED (or other currency) to 20 AED (or other currency). Use the guide to plan your bid (more on this later).

The amount you are willing to pay per click is entered in the keyword bidding box. If you win, your daily budget will then be divided by amount you have bid on the keyword. This will tell you the maximum number of clicks your product can get before your daily budget runs out. As an example:

You have a daily budget of 3,000 AED.

You win a keyword bid of 3 AED.

Sum: 3000 / 3 = 1000

Your daily budget will be depleted once your product receives 1,000 clicks and will renew the following day until your campaign is over.

Select noon Marketplace and then click Create.

Choosing the products for your campaign

You've finished creating your campaign. What's next? Your campaign will now be visible in the Ad Lab interface. When you have many, you will need to scroll down to search for and select the campaign you want to view.

When you've found the right campaign, click the link and select the products you want to target in the select products for your Ads section. After that, click Campaign Details to confirm the rest of the campaign's details. This section will also provide you with a comprehensive overview of your campaign's mechanics.

Bidding on keywords

We must now decide which keywords related to the products we have chosen to bid on.

Click Edit in the upper right corner. This will take you to the 'back end' of your campaign, where you can select keywords related to your products to bid on.

Scroll down to the Select keywords/products/categories you want to target section. Enter keywords related to your category or products, then enter your bid on the right.

Guide your bid with the suggested bid range we supply. We provide this based on data retrieved to assist you in determining an appropriate bid (one that is neither too high nor too low for this specific keyword/product/category).

To reiterate, the amount you are willing to pay per click is entered in the keyword bidding box. For example:

You have a daily budget of 3,000 AED.

You win a keyword bid of 3 AED.

Sum: 3000 / 3 = 1000

Your daily budget will be depleted once your product receives 1,000 clicks and will renew the following day until your campaign is over.

When you're satisfied with your chosen products/keywords/categories and bids, click Save and relaunch.


If you're bidding for PLA and there are a lot of products competing for that ad space, you'll need to bid a little higher to get a slot.

Checking to see if you won the bid

Once saved, if your campaign start date has passed you can log onto and see if your bid secured a PLA slot at the beginning of the search for that particular keyword.

Search for the keyword[s] you bid on and see if your product appears as "sponsored" and in a top PLA slot. Is it present? Excellent work! You won the bid for that slot, and your campaign has begun.

If your product isn't there, you didn't win this round, and another seller outbid you. Go back to your campaign and adjust your bid to try to get the slot.

Important! At any point during the process, the seller can be outbid. This is why we recommend creating longer campaigns so you can keep tweaking your bids.

Managing your campaign

You've created your campaign, set targets, selected products and bid on keywords. It's now live. Your campaign must now be managed.

Typically, data collection takes about a week. Every week, you will be able to see a clear overview of your campaign's performance; this is critical for campaign management. Simply click Ad Lab, scroll down to find your campaign, and click on it to view performance data.

You can view your ad spend, gross sales, and gross revenue in this section. Be sure to regularly check your ROI in this section as this will show you how successful your investment has been.

Wallet and invoicing

Let's talk about money. Your wallet is the amount of money you have available to spend in the market where you sell. noon will assign you a budget that will be visible in your wallet. This budget is determined by your credit activity as a seller on noon. You can find your wallet and available limit on the Campaigns dashboard.

Your wallet is a collection of funds that you can use for campaigns. When this runs out, you will be unable to create new campaigns until you either a) clear your balance or b) request an increase in your limit.

If your wallet amount runs out, what do you do? As mentioned, based on your past credit activity, we have allocated a wallet limit. Wallet limits can differ per market, depending on where your ad budget is spent. If your wallet runs out you can click the Upgrade Limit button and our team will evaluate your request and, if you are eligible, we will increase the limit.

At the end of your campaign, we will generate an invoice similar to the below and send it to the email address associated with the seller account.

Important! We will only charge you for each click that results from your campaign. As an example, if you generate 1,000 clicks on Monday but are outbid on Tuesday, we will only charge you for the clicks generated while you were in the sponsored slot.

Example of an invoice

Once you receive your invoice, you will need to clear the minus amount listed by Advertising Fees. You can do this by setting up a bank transfer to noon's account.

Important! To continue using the PLA tools and creating campaigns, you must clear your outstanding balance and make sure you are not in the debt.

Happy bidding, sellers!

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