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'We started selling on noon with just five SKUs, and now exceed well over 200 SKUs from a huge variety of mobile brands known globally.'

November 9, 2022

Businesses of all sizes are provided with a comprehensive set of tools to help them thrive on our platform. Whether it's smart storage solutions with Fulfilled by noon, growth with Product Listing Ads, pricing and stock guidance, or reach with our massive customer database and logistics network, noon was built with seller success in mind.

About El Sewedy

El Sewedy opened its first store in 2002. Its main business is selling mobile devices and smart accessories like smartwatches and headsets. Its online presence has grown since then. The popular store for electronics accessories now has more Egyptian customers than ever, and most of its online traffic happens around noon.

Nina Ilić

Communications & Partner Engagement

Why noon?

'We immediately took notice of noon’s goal to advocate local sellers through its huge customer base and massive logistics and fulfillment network. This got us really interested in becoming one of their selling partners in Egypt. This decision has definitely added lots to our business in terms of generating more revenue and expanding our assortment.'

Expanding online is made easier by partners who focus on enabling local sellers, such as noon. El Sewedy, a noon selling partner who uses the Fulfilled by noon (FBN) model, was able to significantly increase its online presence, assortment, and revenue using noon’s platform, tools and reach.

Ayman Osama

Business Agent

El Sewedy

'We started selling on noon with just five SKUs, and now have well over 200 SKUs from a huge variety of mobile brands known globally.'

Secrets to success

Millions of customers prefer Fulfilled by noon (FBN). It's faster and more efficient, which means customers get their purchases sooner. The FBN option allows sellers to store products in noon's customer fulfillment centers (CFCs), while noon's expert teams handle warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and all other customer touch points.

El Sewedy used noon's end-to-end selling model, FBN, to achieve peak growth rates since its launch. Here’s how:

powered by FBN

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Customers benefit from speedy, efficient deliveries, seamless product filtering, and easy returns with 'noon express'.

competitive pricing tools

Competitive pricing tools to help set effective pricing strategies and amplify sales.

monthly assessment reports

In-depth after sales-insights: order quantity, stock, revenue, ratings and reviews.

expansive fulfillment network

Hassle-free quality control, picking, packing, shipping, and returns support handled by noon.

no hidden

Straightforward outbound and Inventory fees that take the stress out of cost planning.

'Thanks to noon, its users, and its strong market entry, our sales are growing rapidly. The future with noon knows no limits, and its fast expansion across the Middle East will allow me to expand my business even more through working with more global brands.'

'Everything about the experience of selling with noon makes sellers feel like they are genuinely part of a partnership. From diverse selling models that fit every need, and account managers who are always willing to the extra mile, to how the platform is designed to offer sellers a seamless user experience.'

We're seeing more and more sellers, like El Sewedy, outperform their business goals by leveraging noon's suite of resources.

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