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Want to find out how to access your invoices and noon's payments process for sellers?You can do so on seller lab for both single and bulk items.

January, 24, 2023

Knowing how to access your invoices and handle noon's payments process as a noon seller is crucial, and allows you to get a better sense of how your business is performing financially.

Read on (or watch our tutorial below) to find out how do so for items you have listed on noon.

Nina Ilić

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Where can I access my sales overview?

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Click on the ‘Core’ tab, then click ‘Sales’ to access the financial overview of all your items that have been shipped and delivered. This includes the shipping dates, fees, and payments made for each.

Sales data, commission & SLAs

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Click on the item you want more information on, then click ‘Sales Overview’ for a breakdown of that item’s sales data (things like sales data, commission & SLAs, late return penalty fees, and more).

Breakdown of expected payments

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To find out what you’ll earn from a particular sale, scroll down to the ‘Expected Payment’ section on the ‘Sales Overview’ tab. This includes your item’s base price (the original price), offer price (the amount you’re charging after applying your offer), and the invoice price (what the customer is paying when purchasing from the website).

Accessing your payment history & future payments

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Click ‘Payment History’ on the ‘Sales’ tab to access your current and future payments related to each item.

Sales tab hacks: payment statuses, filtering dates, search bar

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  1. Click the ‘Status’ button to easily filter your products depending on their status. Pick from All, Buyback, Delivered, Returned, RTV, Shipped, and Shipped & Paid. 
  2. Click the calendar button on the top right hand corner to get sales information for specific time periods.
  3. Search for a particular item using the ‘Search’ bar in the top left hand corner.
How do I access my statements?

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On the ‘Statements’ tab you’ll get access to your payments, invoices, and credit notes.

How/when will I get my statements?

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You’ll receive a statement every Wednesday detailing your earnings from the previous week. This also includes your total due, along with a breakdown of the different fees, commissions, and payables. Watch our tutorial for a detailed breakdown.

When will I get paid?

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Statements are generated every Wednesday, and you’ll get paid eight days later on the following Thursday. Say you generated a statement on the 1st of the month, you’ll receive your payment on the 9th.

Statement details report

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Click ‘Download Statements Detail Report’ (located under the ‘Ref No’ column on the ‘Statements’ tab. Watch the ‘Statement details report’ chapter in our tutorial for more details.

Net proceeds report

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The ‘Need Proceeds Report’ details the sum of the invoices prices that you have sold (on a ‘per item’ level). Access the report by clicking ‘Net Proceeds’ in the ‘Statement Details’ column on the ‘Payments’ tab.

VAT payable notice

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You can easily generate a fees invoice for a particular item by clicking ‘VAT Payable’ (in the ‘Statement Details’ column on the ‘Payments’ tab).

Commission fees breakdown

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Commission fees (in the ‘Statement Details’ column on the ‘Payments’ tab) give you a breakdown of all of the commission fees charged to you on an item level.

Invoices page overview: customer, noon fees, credit notes

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The ‘Invoices’ tab on the ‘Statements’ page provides you with the following fees: customer fees, noon fees, and uninvoiced fees.

  • Customer Fees: Each downloadable invoice lists the price (including tax) for your fees. 

  • noon Fees: Each downloadable invoice lists the total fees, VAT amount, and total amount excluding VAT.

  • Uninvoiced Fees: These fees are not associated with a particular item and include charges for services noon might be providing for your seller account (i.e. FBN outbound fees, weight handling fees, promo service, etc.). 

  • Credit Notes: The ‘Credit Notes’ tab gives you an overview of your returned items. Generate a PDF for each credit note by clicking the ‘Print’ icon under the ‘Actions’ column.
Intel section: generating custom reports

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The ‘Intel’ section allows you to generate custom reports. This is useful for sellers wondering how to find relevant financial information for a particular time period. Click the ‘Intel’ section, then ‘Custom Reports’ to access a list of all the reports that have been generated as part of your seller account. Learn more about each report by tuning in to this ‘Custom reports’ video chapter.

Generating custom & monthly reports

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In the ‘Core’ section, click ‘Reports’ to easily access and download your ‘Custom’ and ‘Monthly’ reports. These reports are handy as they’ll give you a better sense of how your business is performing financially.

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