how to upload deals and join our sales events

The platform sees a large number of customers during noon's sale events, all looking for incredible deals and offers on products. That's where you, our sales partners, come in.

July, 26, 2022

Throughout the year, hosts a wide range of sales events in order to excite and delight our growing customer base in all three markets (Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt).

Increase your sales

Tens of thousands of businesses and SMEs use noon to reach millions of online customers. During sales events, traffic on our platform spikes, with over 200 million visits expected in just July and August, and even more during our busiest month, November. It's a great time to increase your sales by registering your products for our promotions.

You can begin using our deals platform and participating in the numerous upcoming sales with a few simple clicks.

Want to know more? Let's go!

Mazin Raffi

Seller Promotions

How to upload deals and join our sales events

Not a fan of video? We've listed the steps below, too.

Getting started

Log in to Seller Lab first, then click on the 'Promotions' tab, followed by 'Deals'.

Selecting events

Our 'All Deals' page displays all of the campaigns that noon is running - upcoming and ongoing. Select the event you want to join.

Method one: Individual upload

There are two ways to upload deals. The first is through our user interface. Click Add Partner SKU to start adding your products.

Search for your SKU

Add your SKU information to the search bar to find the desired SKU.

Add and review

When you find your desired product, click Add Partner SKU. Continue adding SKUs. Review and once you are happy click next.

Input prices and stock

You must now adjust the prices and stock levels for each SKU specifically for this sale. Once you are happy, click submit!

Method two: bulk upload

The second way of uploading deals is through our imports tab. This is perfect for bulk uploads. On Promotions, click Deals, then Imports.

Excel template

Download the excel template and fill in the blanks with the information. Copy/paste the cells into the box, or directly upload the excel sheet.


Go back to 'My Deals' and click on the event to view all of the deals you have submitted for this so far.

Last step

Here's every deal submitted. Visible SKU, price, stock level, and status. Adjust pricing and stock here.

learn more

Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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