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April, 11, 2023

When you sell a noon Catalog SKU (NSKU) item on noon, you are making an offer on that item. If you are the only partner with an active offer for a specific NSKU item, your offer will be the only result that potential customers see.

However, multiple partners may sell NSKU items. This means that if more than one partner decides to sell an NSKU item, all of the partners offering the same NSKU will compete.

There can only be one best offer that noon will show to potential customers at any given time. When a potential customer clicks the NSKU result on the PLP, as shown below, this offer will appear. The Buy Box winner's price is listed on the PLP.

The offer that appears after clicking the NSKU result (PDP) is the Buy Box winner. It was this seller in this case.

Hasan Mansoor

Associate Product Manager, Technology

What is a Buy Box?

The Buy Box is noon's way of recommending the best-selling single NSKU item.

When a buyer clicks the "Add to Cart" (ATC) button for a specific NSKU, only one seller's offer is chosen. Other offers that did not win the Buy Box can be found by clicking the "View all offers" widget at the bottom of the PDP. 

Factors influencing your offer's ranking

There is no one factor that will help you win the Buy Box. We rank offers using a combination of the factors listed below. To have the best chance of winning the Buy Box, make sure you excel in all of these areas.

Offer price 

The offer price has a significant impact on the final rank of your offer. A lower price does not guarantee that you will win the Buy box, but it can increase your chances if everything else remains the same.

Which is better, FBN or Marketplace?

The method of delivery you select for your offer is also important. You will have a better chance of winning the Buy Box if you select FBN as your delivery model.

Official brand sellers

Official first-party distributors of a product will be given higher priority than third-party sellers.


A higher rating gives the buyer more confidence that they will have a better purchasing experience.

Number of ratings

The number of ratings you have on your seller account also plays a role in the ranking of your offer.

Processing time 

If you are a Marketplace seller, processing time is extremely important. We recommend that you switch to FBN as your delivery model to reduce the impact of processing time.

Out-of-stock rate

We value our customers' shopping experiences, which is why we encourage you to keep a healthy stock of your items on hand. If we discover that you do not have the required stock on hand after a customer places an order, you will be penalized.

Return rate 

The return rate, like the out-of-stock rate, is important. If the return rate is high, we will penalize sellers, which may result in a significant drop in the ranking of your offer.

How to sell without winning the Buy Box

Customers can still purchase through your offer if they click on the "View all offers" widget at the bottom of the PDP and choose an offer from the list.

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Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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