back to school: everything you need to know

Get involved in our huge 2023 back to school sale and increase your selling success!

July, 17, 2023

As the summer break draws to a close, the back-to-school season presents a golden opportunity for sellers to boost their sales and engage with a wide pool of potential customers. With that in mind, noon is back with an exciting Back to School Sale Campaign.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why sellers should participate in noon's campaign and how it can serve as a powerful catalyst for their business growth. We'll also go over campaign mechanics and important dates for your diary. Ready?

Why get involved?

Back-to-school shopping is a critical time for parents and students alike. By becoming a part of noon's Back to School Sale Campaign, sellers gain access to a captive audience actively seeking supplies, stationery, apparel, electronics, and more. Participating in this campaign allows sellers to tap into a vast customer base, increasing their chances of sales and brand exposure.

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Communications & Partner Engagement

leverage noon's marketing expertise

noon has a track record of successful marketing campaigns, which translates into immense visibility for participating sellers. By joining forces with noon, sellers benefit from the platform's extensive marketing reach, including social media promotions, email campaigns, and strategic partnerships. This amplified exposure can significantly enhance brand recognition and attract new customers to your business.

Participating in noon's Back to School Sale Campaign unlocks the potential for substantial revenue growth. The campaign helps sellers by attracting buyers through exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, and bundled deals. The increased sales volume can provide a significant revenue boost and position sellers for a successful back-to-school season.

Onsite exposure

When compared to non-deal SKUs, SKUs uploaded to deals have a 4x higher uplift in impressions.

This gives you a better chance of showcasing your SKUs to our customers.


When compared to non-deal SKUs, deal SKUs see a 2x increase in sales.

Investing in deals is a great way to increase your sales volume.


Deal SKUs are used in all of our marketing promotions, including digital marketing and email newsletters.

This increases brand awareness for your assortment among our larger customer and marketing base.

campaign dates

campaign start/launch date


Dates: Jul. 7 - Aug. 7


Dates: Jul. 14 - Aug. 18

back to school sale


Dates: Aug. 8 - Aug. 21


Dates: Aug. 19 - Aug. 31

Hero categories:

Backpacks, Stationery, Laptops, Home Study, Breakfast Appliances, Electronic Accessories, BTS Bundles

post-sale phase


Dates: Aug. 22 - Sep. 5


Dates: Sep. 1 - Sep. 14

campaign mechanics

Deal guardrails
Deals Page

All uploaded deals will be merchandised on the sale page which will be have access points through the homepage and category pages.


Mega Deals

Top of the line deals merchandised on Homepage, Sale page, and category pages through the automated mega deal module.


Flash Sale

A 12-hour limited units promotion on category specific SKUs, merchandised on the Homepage, category pages, and Sale page.

Will be shared closer to the sale

Seller Funded Coupons

Provides flat or percentage coupon opt-in opportunities, merchandised primarily on the sale/deals page.

mega deals

The mega deals section is a landmark noon module that highlights our platform's strongest deals. Customers trust this section to provide them with the best bargain on any given day, and thus only the best deals will be approved

How does it work?

To be part of mega deals you must participate in this deal code: megadeals-ae

Mega Deals tips 'n' tricks

  1. Watch the calendar: On any given day, only specific categories will be featured. Check the calendar and upload your deals as necessary. Don't worry, even if the category isn't featured, all approved deals will appear on the all deals page as well as the respective category pages.
  2. Upload your deals: You can upload deals for a specific date range to ensure that your deals are available on the days your category will be featured.
  3. Check your deal status: Deal approval will take place only two days before the start date of the deal range you have chosen, so keep an eye on your deal status and act accordingly.
  4. Compete: To ensure a fair competition process, noon's deal scoring algorithm will rank the best deals available and determine the order in which they will be featured. Hint: the greater your discount and the more competitive you are compared to other platforms, the higher your rank will be.

deal codes

Deal code
Country code
Deal name EN
Deal Name AR
Deal Start (UTC)
Deal End (UTC)


Back To School Sale

عروض العودة للمدارس

2023-08-18 12:00:00

2023-09-01 12:00:00



Mega Deals UAE

العروض الكبيرة داخل الإمارات





Back To School Sale

عروض العودة للمدارس

2023-08-07 12:00:00

2023-08-22 12:00:00



Mega Deals KSA

العروض الكبيرة داخل السعودية



deals promotions opportunities

Homepage: Mega Deals section

Get your products on the homepage with this amazing opportunity to join the Mega Deals of the Day section.

Homepage: Price Crash carousel

This is also known as a "flash sale" and is located in the fifth fold on the Homepage and the first fold on the sale page.

Category pages

With these prime spots, your products will get extra eyeballs. Resulting in more sales for you!

frequently asked questions: deals

will I win buy box if I add products to a Deal?

Because multiple participants can compete for the buy box price on deals, noon does not guarantee your deal will win the buy box price.

will my prices be locked after participating on a Deal?

Yes, prices for the entered deal stock will be locked during the deal period; however, if you want to change the price, simply exit the deal.

will noon cancel or extend any promotion?

Any promotion may be canceled, postponed, or preponed by noon, and this will be communicated on Seller Lab.

is there a guarantee that orders will be placed on our products if they are on Deals?

noon does not guarantee that orders for your deals will be placed as a result of the promotion.

what happens if I am out of stock while enrolled on a Deal?

Until you add more stock, your SKU will be marked as inactive on the Deal. Deal Stock is a subset of the product's inventory.

why is my SKU status ‘Pending’ on a Deal?

This means that we are still processing the enrollment of your SKUs into the Deal. It will soon be updated to Approved or Rejected once our checks have been done.

I don’t want my SKU to participate in a Deal anymore. How can I remove it?

You can make your SKU inactive by searching for it in the Deal and deactivating the 'Active' button.

How can I find a Deal for a specific category?

On the All Deals page, you can filter by category to find relevant Deals.

how do I calculate my SKU’s Deal price?

During the enrollment process, click the 'View Discount Info' tab on the Input Price/Stock page to get a recommended discount percentage for your category. Check that your Deal price is lower than the Current Offer price but higher than the SKU Price Minimum.

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