ASN creation process (FBN)

noon sellers can easily manage their entire FBN transfer process directly on their Seller Lab dashboard. Learn how to create and schedule a product transfer, and the different storage options available for your items.

January, 25, 2023

You can easily manage your entire FBN transfer process directly on your Seller Lab dashboard.

Read on (or watch our tutorial below) to find out how to create and schedule product transfers. You'll also learn which storage options are available for your items.

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Overview of storage types
'ASN & storage' dashboard overview
Creating a new ASN
Creating a new ASN using the product catalog
How to edit, cancel or seal your ASN
Scheduling your ASN
Creating a new ASN using a CSV file
Storage: how its calculated
'My Storage' dashboard overview
Managing storage requests
What do ASN statuses mean?
Troubleshooting tips!
Invoices page overview: customer, noon fees, credit notes

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The ‘Invoices’ tab on the ‘Statements’ page provides you with the following fees: customer fees, noon fees, and uninvoiced fees.

  • Customer Fees: Each downloadable invoice lists the price (including tax) for your fees. 

  • noon Fees: Each downloadable invoice lists the total fees, VAT amount, and total amount excluding VAT.

  • Uninvoiced Fees: These fees are not associated with a particular item and include charges for services noon might be providing for your seller account (i.e. FBN outbound fees, weight handling fees, promo service, etc.). 

  • Credit Notes: The ‘Credit Notes’ tab gives you an overview of your returned items. Generate a PDF for each credit note by clicking the ‘Print’ icon under the ‘Actions’ column.

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