11.11: everything you need to know

noon's first mega sales event of the month, 11.11 is almost here. Read on to find out how to set yourself up for long term success even after the sale ends.

November 2, 2022

Our 11.11 sale, globally known as Singles' Day, is when our craziest month of the year officially begins. Ready to reach more customers, amplify your sales, and elevate your brand's presence?

To kickstart your seller success, we've compiled our most useful tips straight from our team of in-house experts.

When is noon's 11.11 Sale?

noon's 11.11 Sale is officially live, running from midnight on November 8th until midnight on November 12th!

Nina Ilić

Communications & Partner Engagement

don't know where to start?

Ready to take advantage of the Middle East's biggest sales month of the year?

To stand out from the crowd, and differentiate yourself from your competitors, it's important to prep accordingly.

Here's how you can attract (and retain) as many customers as you can:

Keep your stock and offers in check.

As a seller, you're in charge of managing your offers. Make sure to update your prices, stock levels, and more accordingly.

Stuck? Read more about managing your offers here.

Tidy up your content.

Double check your product images, descriptions, and catalog - this can affect your customers' willingness to buy from your store.

By following our catalog tips, you'll avoid frequent errors that cause approval delays and more.

Get involved in deals & promotions.

Learn more about uploading deals and enrolling your products in our sales events, to help increase your sales.

Watch our tutorial on using our deals platform.

Ace your packaging (and order ahead!).

If you're an FBP seller, you'll need to pick and pack your own products using noon's packaging. Simply click the link in your seller lab account to place your noon packaging order, and we'll send it to your location.

Watch our packaging guidelines video here.

Master your returns!

Experiencing a dispute with your shipment? Find out what to do when your items are returned by a customer for a refund or replacement here.

If you're feeling stuck, simply click on a topic you want to learn more about below.

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Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel.


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