november deals: codes & faqs

Take part in our massive sales events in November by taking advantage of the numerous deal opportunities.

October, 27, 2022

Our busiest time of year is November, when we have two of our biggest sales of the year on 11.11 and Yellow Friday, the largest sales event in the Middle East.

Customers and the thousands of local merchants using the platform can expect a plethora of amazing deals and discounts during both sales.

Prep time!

To help you prep for the many deals opportunities we have available to sellers, we are sharing the deals codes you will need to know ahead of our mega sales. Let's go!

Ellen Kerry

Communications & Partner Engagement

deal codes UAE & KSA

Deal code
Country code
Deal name (English)
Deal name (Arabic)
Deal Start (in UTC)
Deal End (in UTC)
Deal Guardrails


11.11 Sale

عروض 11.11

2022-11-09 12:00:00

2022-11-13 8:00:00



Yellow Friday Sale

عروض الجمعة الصفراء

2022-11-19 12:00:00

2022-11-28 14:00:00



11.11 Sale

عروض 11.11

2022-11-09 12:00:00

2022-11-13 8:00:00



Yellow Friday Sale

عروض الجمعة الصفراء

2022-11-19 12:00:00

2022-11-28 14:00:00

frequently asked questions: deals

will I win buy box if I add products to a Deal?

Because multiple participants can compete for the buy box price on deals, noon does not guarantee your deal will win the buy box price.

will my prices be locked after participating on a Deal?

Yes, prices for the entered deal stock will be locked during the deal period; however, if you want to change the price, simply exit the deal.

will noon cancel or extend any promotion?

Any promotion may be canceled, postponed, or preponed by noon, and this will be communicated on Seller Lab.

is there a guarantee that orders will be placed on our products if they are on Deals?

noon does not guarantee that orders for your deals will be placed as a result of the promotion.

what happens if I am out of stock while enrolled on a Deal?

Until you add more stock, your SKU will be marked as inactive on the Deal. Deal Stock is a subset of the product's inventory.

why is my SKU status ‘Pending’ on a Deal?

This means that we are still processing the enrollment of your SKUs into the Deal. It will soon be updated to Approved or Rejected once our checks have been done.

I don’t want my SKU to participate in a Deal anymore. How can I remove it?

You can make your SKU inactive by searching for it in the Deal and deactivating the 'Active' button.

How can I find a Deal for a specific category?

On the All Deals page, you can filter by category to find relevant Deals.

how do I calculate my SKU’s Deal price?

During the enrollment process, click the 'View Discount Info' tab on the Input Price/Stock page to get a recommended discount percentage for your category. Check that your Deal price is lower than the Current Offer price but higher than the SKU Price Minimum.

reasons to get involved in deals

November is the month when everyone starts looking for bargains and shopping around. This month, you should take advantage of two of the biggest sales. Here's why you should join our deals:

Onsite exposure

When compared to non-deal SKUs, SKUs uploaded to deals have a 2x higher uplift in impressions.

This gives you a better chance of showcasing your SKUs to our customers.


When compared to non-deal SKUs, deal SKUs see a 2x increase in sales.

Investing in deals is a great way to increase your sales volume.


Deal SKUs are used in all of our marketing promotions, including digital marketing and email newsletters.

This increases brand awareness for your assortment among our larger customer and marketing base.

deals promotions opportunities

Homepage: Mega Deals section

Get your products on the homepage with this amazing opportunity to join the Mega Deals of the Day section.

Homepage: Price Crash carousel

This is also known as a "flash sale" and is located in the fifth fold on the homepage and the first fold on the sale page.

Category pages

With these prime spots, your products will get extra eyeballs. Resulting in more sales for you!

learn more

Want to learn more about selling on noon? Check out our suite of seller resources, videos, and demo sessions on our seller YouTube channel. 


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